School Uniforms

Howard Drive Elementary has a mandatory dress code.
All students will be expected to wear school uniforms to school every day. Also, students will be expected to come to school with attention given to personal cleanliness, grooming, and neatness of dress. Howard Drive’s selected uniform program will be strictly enforced during the school year and includes the following attire:


UniformTops 02

  • Only shirts with collars are to be worn (polo type or oxfords are acceptable). The shirt colors include red, hunter green, light blue, navy, and white. The NEW Howard Drive Elementary logo patch is to be adhered to all shirts. Patches can be purchased in our online store.
  • In cold weather, uniforms must be worn, but any type of outerwear is acceptable.


UniformBottoms 01

  • Navy blue and khaki colors were chosen for the bottom attire. This includes shorts, long pants, skirts, and skorts in a uniform-style cotton or cotton blend fabric. Nylon running gym shorts or anything similar is unacceptable.


UniformDresses 01

  • The dress colors include khaki, red, hunter green, light blue, navy, and white. The NEW Howard Drive Elementary logo patch is to be adhered to all dresses. Patches can be purchased in our online store.



UniformShoes 02

  • Students may wear sneakers or any type of closed toe shoes with socks.


Casual Fridays

Casual Fridays 021

  • On Fridays, students may wear their uniforms or they may wear their Howard Drive spirit or club t-shirts.  The bottom attire should be their uniform pants/shorts, or blue jeans (cut-off shorts of any kind are unacceptable). We'll be sending information via e-mail to let you know when Friday shirts are available for purchase. You can sign up to recieve the latest information here.

Exceptions To Wearing The Uniform Are Permitted When:

  • Uniforms of a nationally recognized youth organization such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts are worn on regular meeting days.
  • A student wears a button, armband, or other accoutrement to exercise the right to freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment and School Board Rule 6G-X13-1A-1107, unless the button, armband or other accoutrement signifies or is related to gangs, gang membership or gang activity.
  • The wearing of a school uniform violates a student’s sincerely held religious belief.
  • The student’s parent or guardian has secured an exemption from the mandatory uniform program.

Parents who object to their child/children wearing a uniform at a mandatory uniform school must request an application for Exemption from the School Uniform Program.

The principal or another designated administrator will meet with the parent to discuss the uniform policy and the nature of the objections to the policy. If the outcome of the meeting is to continue the waiver request, the principal will grant the waiver for district approval.


Need Help?

Should you have any questions regarding the uniform policy,
please call the school at: (305) 235-1412.